Young Spokesperson Training

Scouting offers fantastic, life changing opportunities experiences that might not be on offer elsewhere, and the Young Spokesperson Training is aimed at equipping young people with the confidence, skills and knowledge to be able to promote the Movement in a positive, impactful manner. Participants gain skills in: 

• Presenting
• Speaking on the radio
• Appearing on broadcast television
• Taking part in interviews with print journalists
• Interacting with the media
• Supporting Scouting through social media

Following these courses, participants will be able to, and are encouraged to engage with local, regional and national media to act as Scouting PR Ambassadors speaking about the wonderful work we do and encouraging those not already involved to give it a shot. Three WESU members, Cameron, Fraser and Scott, recently attended a Young Spokesperson Training Course run by Scouts Scotland and told the unit about their experience;

"Scouts Speak Up is a course designed to encourage people in Scouting to become better at presenting, talking to the media and generally talking about Scouting and your experiences in Scouts. I found it to be beneficial for speaking about Scouts and to the media. Over the course of a weekend you do many themed activities such as radio, TV and newspaper reports. We also learned how to speak to reporters, speak about topical subjects and deal with some more controversial ones. Overall, I had a great time and found the weekend very useful in developing my skills which will help me in the future and be good on my CV and for jobs."

Cameron - Warrior Explorer Scout Unit Member