Comments and Feedback

Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her first year in the unit which is very active with an amazing array of events including a first aid qualification, camping local national and international, scuba diving, carting, Duke of Edinburgh, and baking to name but a few. She has made good friends with excellent leadership and support from all the leaders. I would recommend this group to all young people looking for life experiences.

The unit has managed to keep my son increasingly interested and enthusiastic for many many years. He has been involved in well planned and organised events, trips and experiences that have increased his knowledge, skills and experience. He was selected for an international jamboree that has increased both his knowledge of what scouting internationally can be and also his circle of friends and colleagues in scouting. It is a great unit led by a wonderful team!

The Unit is very well run and plans interesting and exciting events. Parents are kept well informed about what the unit is involved in and the ability of the Group to keep everyone enthusiastic and interested in the programme is a credit to the leadership. The recent mystery trip to Copenhagen and the scuba-diving training were both extremely well received by my son.

It's a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends and connections. International events and camps provide a good platform to learn more about how other people live and their cultures. The atmosphere always supportive and friendly on the Tuesday nights and we always have a good time.